Stimultania programs 3 to 4 exhibitions per year. Group or solo exhibitions are part of a strong guideline: the founding themes - geopolitics, History, society - are always marked by an original curating and scenography.

Non-exhaustive list of artists exhibited since 2006: Pieter Hugo (ZA), Maïmouna Guerresi (IT), Christopher Taylor (FR), Michael Ackerman (US), Naohiro Ninomiya (JP), Simon Norfolk (UK), William Kentridge (ZA) ), Mélanie Wenger (FR), Wiktoria Wojciechowska (PL), Guillaume Herbaut (FR), Ivan Pinkava (CZ), Emilie Arfeuil (FR), Denis Rouvre (FR), Malik Nejmi (FR), Peter Knapp (CH), Lorena Morin (ES), Pierre Bourdieu (FR), Norbert Ghisoland (BE), Yasmine Eid-Sabbagh and Rozenn Quéré (FR), Amélie Cabocel (FR), André Kertész (FR), Pilar Albarracin (ES), Pentti Sammallahti ( FI).

Stimultania aims to show photography.
From historical photography to contemporary photography.
From vernacular photography to plastic photography.
Stimultania aims to arouse curiosities, to make a broad photographic landscape visible.
Stimultania stages the images.
Stimultania advocates individual experience, confrontation with photographic prints, papers, space and scenography.
Stimultania defends a photography in tune with the Human, a standing committed and lively photograph, without skittish distance.
Stimultania shows a photography which raises questions, urges criticism, proclaims words, ideas.
Stimultania calls on viewers to take a stand.